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For its 48-t EAF in Stalowa Wola, Poland, Cognor has decided to replace the outdated transformer with Q-One technology, a Danieli Automation patent.  Cognor, based in Poland, is an integrated manufacturer of merchant steel bars and rebar.

Steel makers are particularly interested in Q-One digital power feeders to reduce the operating expenses of their electric and ladle furnaces in a market where transformation prices, prime materials, and energy are all rising.

Facts demonstrate that Q-One can cut electrical energy use by roughly 10% and electrode use by at least 10%. Q-One boosts productivity by providing the same performances with a quicker power-on time.

Utilizing Q-One for electric steelmaking also results in minimal electrical disturbances and a power factor on the MV distribution that is near to unity, eliminating the need for compensating equipment.

Both new installations and existing facilities that are being upgraded can use Q-One to update both small and big capacity melting units with individual power outputs up to 200 MW.

Production of the Q-One system is expected to begin in the summer of 2023.

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