Hoa Sen Group Joint Stock Company was recognized as "A major tax payer, well compliant with customs legislation" on the morning of September 8, 2022. The ceremony is part of the Customs - Business Forum 2022, which is being held as part of the 77th anniversary of the founding of Vietnam Customs (10/9/1945 - 10/9/2022) and is being organized by the General Department of Customs in partnership with Customs Magazine.

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During the ceremony, Nguyen Van Can, the director general of the general department of customs, and the editor-in-chief of Customs Magazine gave medals and flowers to the representatives of the nine businesses that had been chosen as "Large Tax Payers, Comply with the Law on Customs" within the framework of the Customs-Business Forum in 2022. These businesses included:

1. Toyota Motor Vietnam Company;

2. Ford Vietnam Co., Ltd;

3. Vietnam Oil Corporation- Joint Stock Company;

4. China Steel & Nippon Steel Vietnam Joint Stock Company;

5. Hoa Sen Group Joint Stock Company;

6. Samsung Electronics HCMC Co., Ltd- Branch. Ho Chi Minh City;

7. Vietnam Coal-Mineral Industry Group;

8. Sony Vietnam Company;

9. Herbalife Vietnam Company Limited.

After more than 21 years of business, Hoa Sen Group has consistently held the top spot in the Vietnamese market for galvanized steel sheet, controlling 36% of total domestic consumption and exports, or more than 40% of the entire export volume (according to the report of Vietnam Steel Association in 2021). Hoa Sen Group presently sells to more than 87 countries and territories, with a monthly export production of more than 100,000 tons and product quality that meets international standards.

Hoa Sen Group consistently adheres to the requirements of paying taxes in full, abiding by the legislation regarding customs, and declaring and submitting accurate and complete dossiers on import and export turnover, according to a spokesperson of the company. Hoa Sen Group is happy to have contributed to the growth of Vietnam's logistics and trade flows through its import and export operations. The distinction of Hoa Sen Group in the global market is further affirmed by awards like "Large tax payer, high compliance with customs rules" in particular.

A shipment of Hoa Sen Group exported to Europe

Hoa Sen Group exported steel sheet to Europe

Hoa Sen Group has previously received recognition from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for several years as a "Prestigious Exporter." Hoa Sen Group is also given a customs priority business card to expedite the import and export of commodities, and it also benefits from priority customs processes.

The leader of the General Department of Vietnam Customs discussed and shared orientations to help businesses overcome challenges and implement the economic recovery plan after the Covid-19 pandemic with the topic "Vietnam Customs facilitates trade and logistics development," with the aim of opening up and promoting the development of trade and logistics flows, contributing to the nation's sustainable development, and  current efforts to realize "Aspirations of Vietnam to be strong in 2045" following the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress.

By doing business and investing in Vietnam, the domestic and international business community gains a comprehensive understanding of the outcomes and efficacy of the Customs agency's reform and modernization process. As a result, they comprehend and have faith in the process of reforming and modernizing the state management of Customs in the future.

The conference is also a chance to recognize typical businesses engaged in import and export activities that provide significant tax revenues to the government while also adhering closely to customs laws and actively promoting the growth of Vietnam's logistics and trade sectors.

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