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Hyundai Steel has created a high-quality alloy steel that minimizes noise from electric vehicles, according to the company.

The steelmaking technique was created in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group and its subsidiary, Kia, and was recognized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy as a New Excellent Technology (NET).

Reducers manufactured of the alloy steel, according to the business, improve the thermal management of automobile batteries by 48 percent when compared to conventional steels and lessen the sound of shifting gears. It also extends the life of gear reducers by more than a factor of two.

The alloy steel will be used for the first time in Kia's electric car, the EV6 GT, which is set to go on sale later this year.

"The EV industry, as well as motor components for EVs, is quickly developing amid the fast-growing drive toward net zero. We want to acquire a competitive advantage in the EV materials market with the newly developed alloy steel "In a statement, the business added.

A government-certified technology that is either new or creative and has a significant economic and technological effect is referred to as NET.

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