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Talleres y Aceros S.A., a steel manufacturer in Mexico, de C.V. Tyasa has a contract for a new twin ladle furnace with Primetals Technologies. At Tyasa's Ixtaczoquitlan facility in southeast Mexico, the new machinery will be put into use.

Production will only be slightly impacted once the 100-ton dual ladle furnace is installed. The smallest amount of downtime is achieved since only minor adjustments are required to integrate the dual ladle furnace into the current dedusting and water treatment systems.

For this dual ladle furnace, Primetals Technologies has developed a solution specifically for it. It was created expressly to accommodate the construction of a dual vacuum degasser, which will run next to each other on the same rail lines and using the same cars in the future. Additionally, the restricted amount of space needed in the meltshop demanded a distinctive design.

For the whole Ixtaczoquitlan steel mill, Primetals Technologies will provide automated stirring gas connections as part of this deal. The new apparatus will take the place of the manual procedure now used, in which personnel manually connect the stirring gas line.

Therefore, this addition will raise the level of safety at Tyasa's meltshop. For the current tapping car, the ladle cars of the new and old dual ladle furnace, the vacuum degassing plant, and their equivalents at the existing ladles, automatic connections will be provided.

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