ArcelorMittal could produce HRC at its Brazilian slab plant

29 November, 2023 by

ArcelorMittal Pecem, the slab producer situated in Ceará, is ramping up its Research and Development (R&D) workforce, now employing 50 professionals. Speculation in the local press suggests that this move may signal the establishment of a Hot Rolled Coil (HRC) line at the plant, leveraging the premium quality slab as feedstock—setting it apart from ArcelorMittal's Tubarão plant in Espírito Santo.

According to reports in Diario do Nordeste, a source linked to ArcelorMittal confirmed this development, hinting at additional advantages for the project. Notably, the initiative could synergize with various projects in Ceará dedicated to green hydrogen production. These projects rely on renewable energy sourced from solar and wind-powered plants, potentially facilitating the production of green steel at Pecem.


The integration of a green hydrogen-based approach aligns with the global push for sustainable steel production. If realized, this endeavor could position Pecem as a key player in the eco-friendly steel market.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that the API grade slab produced by Pecem holds considerable value in the United States, particularly among companies engaged in the manufacturing of heavy plates for pipelines. This underscores the potential strategic significance of the envisioned HRC line, emphasizing not only quality but also market relevance.

As ArcelorMittal explores these possibilities, the industry watches closely to see how this expansion and potential diversification will shape the landscape of steel production, sustainability, and market dynamics in the northeastern region of Brazil.

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