Brazil Commits to Financing Steel Plate and Pipe Exports to Argentina

2 June, 2023 by

Following a recent meeting between the presidents of Brazil and Argentina in Brasilia, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations (MRE) has released a statement highlighting significant progress in the ongoing negotiations regarding financial support for mutually beneficial projects between the two countries.

The primary focus of the statement is the advancement in discussions concerning the financing of the Brazilian steel plate and pipe exports to Argentina by the Brazilian official development bank, BNDES. These exports are intended for utilization in the second phase of the Nestor Kirchner pipeline.

According to the MRE, there are no legal obstacles preventing BNDES from participating in the export of steel plates and pipes to Argentina. In fact, Brazil is committed to taking necessary measures to facilitate such exports, demonstrating the cooperation and commitment between the two nations.

It is worth noting that the initial stage of the pipeline was constructed using steel plates provided by Usiminas, a prominent Brazilian steel manufacturer.

Overall, the meeting between the presidents of Brazil and Argentina has resulted in positive developments in the discussions surrounding financial support and collaborative projects, particularly in the context of steel exports for the Nestor Kirchner pipeline. These advancements signify the strengthening ties and shared interests between the two countries in the realm of economic cooperation.

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