Brazilian pig iron exports increase in July

7 August, 2023 by

According to customs data, Brazilian pig iron exports surged to 379,000 metric tons in July, significantly surpassing the 247,500 metric tons recorded in June.

In July, the primary destinations for these exports were as follows, with quantities in metric tons and prices per metric ton (all under FOB conditions):

  • United States: 275,300 mt at $504/mt
  • Mexico: 45,300 mt at $485/mt
  • Netherlands: 39,000 mt at $550/mt
  • Asia: 18,800 mt at $534/mt
  • Australia: 400 mt at $545/mt
  • Argentina: 200 mt at $769/mt

The majority of these shipments originated from producers in the southeastern states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, accounting for 325,800 metric tons at $505/mt. Additionally, the northern state of Pará contributed 50,200 metric tons at $530/mt, while the central western region's Mato Grosso do Sul shipped 3,000 metric tons at $481/mt.

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