Chinese Iron Ore Imports Surge by 7.4% from January to August

7 September, 2023 by

Chinese customs authorities reported that in the period from January to August this year, China's iron ore imports totaled 775.658 million metric tons, showing a 7.4 percent increase compared to the previous year. On September 7, they made this announcement.

In the month of August alone, China's iron ore imports reached 106.415 million metric tons, marking a 10.6 percent year-on-year increase and a substantial 13.8 percent month-on-month rise.

During August, import prices for iron ore exhibited a consistent upward trend. This was driven by robust demand from steel manufacturers, who were spurred by China's implementation of various stimulus measures aimed at fostering economic growth. Simultaneously, the prices of iron ore futures also saw an uptick, further contributing to the positive momentum in iron ore prices.

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