Gerdau inaugurates new caster at Brazilian special steel plant

16 June, 2023 by

Gerdau, a leading steel producer in Brazil, has proudly announced the successful launch of a cutting-edge continuous caster for special steel blooms and billets at its Pindamonhangaba plant in São Paulo. 

The implementation of this advanced technology required a significant investment of BRL 700 million ($146 million), propelling the plant to an elevated level of sophistication and enabling the production of clean steel. This innovative metallurgical process enhances the purity of the steel, resulting in superior physical quality and extended lifespan for the final products.

Gustavo Werneck, CEO of Gerdau, emphasizes that the introduction of the new caster further solidifies the company's unwavering dedication to the Brazilian automotive industry, with a particular focus on meeting the demand associated with the production of hybrid and electric cars. 

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The investment made in the Pindamonhangaba plant forms part of an extensive modernization plan for Gerdau's specialty steel operations until 2025. This comprehensive plan encompasses not only the financial commitments for the new caster but also includes investments in plant maintenance, technological advancements, and improvements in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. 

The company is fully committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, continuously enhancing its operations to meet evolving market demands while adhering to sustainable and responsible practices.

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