Green hydrogen ventures: Suez Canal Economic Zone teams up with Chinese investors

20 November, 2023 by

In a significant development, the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE) has inked agreements worth $15.6 billion with Chinese investors, focusing on 11 manufacturing and green hydrogen projects, as reported by the Egyptian government's state information service.

These pioneering projects, anticipated to generate approximately 9,000 job opportunities, encompass the construction of quays and handling areas. While the specifics of the projects and the identities of the investors remain undisclosed, the collaboration marks a substantial stride towards advancing sustainable initiatives in the region.


Egypt, actively pursuing partnerships with international allies for green hydrogen and its derivatives within the SCZONE, underscores its commitment to curbing carbon emissions. The overarching goal is to foster the adoption of renewable and alternative energy sources, particularly green hydrogen, aligning with global efforts to promote cleaner and more sustainable energy practices.

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