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About the Company:

Hoa Sen Building Material One Member Limited Liabilities Company is members unit of Hoa Sen Group, founded on December 18, 2007, with initial authorized capital of 150 billion VND. Its headquarters and main plant are located in an area of 10.8 hectares at No. 2B, Phu My 1 Industrial Park, Phu My Town, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. With strategic direction to become the leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials in the the domestic and Southeast Asia markets currently playing the role of producing and trading the major product lines of the Group such as: ignot tape; galvanized steel pipe; truss bars, Hollow, Batten; plastic tubes, plastic pipes, fittings and glue for Hoa Sen HDPE, uPVC and PPR plastic pipes and other Hoa Sen branded fittings.

Up to now, the Company has 2 steel pipe plants, with a total number of 28 production lines, corresponding to a capacity of 411,800 tons/year (of which there are 22 lines at Phu My Steel Plant, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province and 6 lines in Hai Duong Steel Plant, Binh Giang District Industrial Zone). Previously, the Company invested 3 more Truss, Hollow and Batten lines with a total capacity of 28,400 tons/year which were operated in December 2015. At the same time the slitting line No. 4 was also put into operation in 2016, raising the total capacity from 450,000 tons/year to 600,000 tons per year. Besides Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe Plant applies European technology including 17 lines of uPVC plastic pipes with a total capacity of 57,000 tons per year and 20 lines of uPVC plastic pipe fittings with a total capacity of 2,160 tons/year which are operated automatically according to the closed production process and strictly managed according to international quality standards.

In March 2016, the Company put into operation 2 HDPE and PPR plastic pipe lines with a capacity of 12,960 tons/year. At the same time, Hoa Sen's orientation is to diversify the product lines, in order to respond promptly to the needs of domestic and foreign consumers. It is expected that in the financial year 2016-2017, the Company will continue to invest more in 7 uPVC pipe lines, 10 lines for uPVC plastic pipe fittings, 1 HDPE - PPR plastic pipe line, 1 plastic pipe line for coil, 1 white plastic pipe lines (passing wires), with a total designed capacity of 99,600 tons/year.

With the results achieved, the Company is determined not to stop further efforts to bring customers satisfaction in product quality, quickly and promptly respond to customer requests for output and services; at the same time striving to become one of the leading providers of building materials in the market of Vietnam and Asia-Pacific region.

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