Hoa Sen Group and its 22-year journey affirm its leading position

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August 8, 2001 (June 19 AL) – Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Day, a very special day, marked the birth of Hoa Sen Group. Throughout the 22-year journey of creating, growing and affirming its leading position, Hoa Sen Group has always followed the core values “Integrity – Community – Development” as a commitment of a Vietnamese enterprise who always strives to create the best values for consumers and society.

More than two decades of constantly improving its position

With the precursor as Hoa Sen Joint Stock Company, it has an initial charter capital of VND 30 billion and 22 employees & 3 affiliated distribution and retail branches. After 22 years of construction and development, Hoa Sen Group has become the No. 1 steel sheet manufacturing and trading enterprise in Vietnam and the leading steel sheet exporter in the region with charter capital of up to VND 4,983,826,960,000 and achieved great progress in both domestic and international markets.

In the domestic market, Hoa Sen Group owns a production system of 10 large factories, a warehouse system located in all three regions of North – Central – South, near a large seaport with good advantages in logistics. Hoa Sen Group’s factories are all invested in modern machinery and equipment with a total design capacity of more than 2.5 million tons/year, helping Hoa Sen become the company with the most factories with the largest capacity in Southeast Asia region.

Hoa Sen Group also owns the most exclusive and special distribution system compared to other businesses in the industry with more than 500 branches and affiliated stores across the country, which will delivery products to consumers. In the export market, Hoa Sen products have been exported to more than 87 countries and territories worldwide. Hoa Sen Group’s revenue has exceeded USD 2 billion/year. For many consecutive years, Hoa Sen Group has been registered in the trillion VND after-tax business club.

With the vision of becoming the No. 1 Group producing and trading corrugated iron, steel, construction materials and furniture in Vietnam by a sustainable development strategy, in addition to maintaining traditional production and business activities and maximizing business advantages of key products, Hoa Sen Group implemented a strategy to diversify business and product portfolio in early 2021, developed Supermarket System Of Building Materials & Furniture – Hoa Sen Home with more than 15 product lines and over 3,000 product codes of construction materials.

As of July 2023, Hoa Sen Group has put into operation 114 Hoa Sen Home supermarkets across the provinces and cities, gradually improving brand image, product and service quality.

Simultaneously, Hoa Sen Group is also a pioneer in building and innovating sales methods, reaching customers through e-commerce and digital transformation, creating new steps in Vietnam’s construction materials industry.

For export activities, Hoa Sen Group continuously makes good use of the advantages opened up by FTAs, seeks and expands new potential markets, then develops and diversifies export products.

In addition to maintaining the domestic market, Hoa Sen Group also continuously promotes export activities in traditional markets and expands market share to potential markets in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and America.

For the plastic production and business segment, Hoa Sen Group has completed in converting the business type in the fiscal year of 2021 – 2022; the name of Hoa Sen Construction Materials Company Limited was changed into Hoa Sen Plastics Joint Stock Company; furthermore, it also transferred all production and business activities of the Group’s plastic segment to Hoa Sen Plastics Joint Stock Company with the purpose of optimizing resources and increasing operational efficiency of the plastic segment.

The unique motto of Hoa Sen Group that, product quality is exacyly its reputation and survival of the brand. Thanks to strict implementation of 4 golden commitments in sales: “Right price – Right standard – Right quality – Warranty”, Hoa Sen Group has brought to consumers products that “meet international standards, reasonable prices, fast delivery time, and good after-sales service”.

In 2023, in general difficulties of the economy, demand for all products is declined, negatively affecting production and business activities of enterprises. In addition, fierce competition in the domestic market, tightening monetary policies, increased interest rates, and escalating exchange rates can negatively affect the demand and production and business activities of the units. However, from an internal perspective, Hoa Sen Group is still maintaining stability in financial situation and production and business situation.

The brand “touches to millions of hearts”

From the very first days of its establishment, Hoa Sen Group has chosen the path of building its brand based on the core business philosophy: “Integrity – Community – Development”. During 22 years of establishment and development, in addition to focusing well on production and business activities, Hoa Sen Group has been affirming its brand mark through a series of meaningful sponsorship and social & profound humanity charity programs such as: Overcome yourself, Compassionate heart, Golden rattles, Shine Vietnamese energy, Ton Hoa Sen – Go to school with you, Futsal soccer tournament for children with special circumstances, Pair of loving leaves, Sing for tomorrow, Vietnamese Family Shelter, etc

Vietnamese Family Shelter

“Vietnamese Family Shelter” (Vietnamese: Mái ấm gia đình Việt) is a reality television program sponsored by Supermarket System Of Building Materials & Furniture – Hoa Sen Home (Hoa Sen Group) with the desire to accompany, support and support orphans and families with difficult circumstances after the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the mission of “connecting love, sharing happiness”, immediately after broadcasting the first episode from October 5, 2022 on HTV7 channel, the program has received love and acceptance from a large amount of audience. Through 45 broadcast episodes, the program has helped and supported more than VND 4.5 billion for more than 130 orphans with a studious spirit to continue nurturing beautiful dreams, steadily moving towards a better life. bright future.

Thanks to the transmission of humanistic values to the community, unique and new organizational methods; Vietnamese Family Shelter program has entered the voting round at the 2022 Mai Vang award in the category of Most Popular Program on digital and television platforms.

Pair of loving leaves

Accompanying the program “Pair of loving leaves” (Vietnamese: Cặp lá yêu thương) with the mission “Giving opportunities to go to school, giving opportunities to change lives”, has been and continues to give wings to the dream of going to school for children across the S-shaped land of Vietnam.

The journey of the Pair of Loving Leaves has brought love and meaningful gifts to the unhealed leaves here. Monthly support amounts have been sent to children in difficult circumstances, giving share and hope for a brighter future to children who cannot afford to go to school across the country.

Sing for tomorrow and the Journey “Sharing love – Joining hands to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic”

“Sing for tomorrow” (Vietnamese: Hát cho ngày mai) is a music program honoring the team of doctors, officers, medical staff, and volunteers across the country. They are all enthusiastic hearts, ready to step forward during the period when the country is struggling to fight the epidemic. After 33 broadcast episodes, the program ended completely with more than VND 3 billion to 88 characters. The program is sponsored by Supermarket System Of Building Materials & Furniture – Hoa Sen Home (Hoa Sen Group).

On the journey “Sharing love – Joining hands to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic”, Hoa Sen Home’s humanitarian bus is present at 120 points in need of support in Ho Chi Minh and Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ca Mau, Soc Trang, and An Giang. Hoa Sen Home directly donated VND 11.5 billion to the Covid-19 Disease Prevention Fund in localities and nearly VND 6 billion of items, including: Medical equipment, foods, necessities, etc

Aware of corporate responsibility to the community, Hoa Sen Group always focuses on practical community activities through diverse sponsorship and charity programs to spread good values to the community. By positioning and developing the brand according to the business philosophy of “bringing happiness to share with the community”, Hoa Sen Group has created Trust – Love in the hearts of consumers, becoming a strong, friendly and community oriented brand.

Continuously honored with noble awards

Thanks to continuously spectacular growth for many consecutive years with positive contributions to the community, Hoa Sen Group has received noble awards at home and abroad such as the Second Class Labor Medal awarded by the President; 6 times honored as Vietnam National Brand for all 3 product lines of Hoa Sen Steel Sheet, Hoa Sen Steel Pipe and Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe; Honored with the National Quality Gold Award.

In 2022, Hoa Sen Group is the only Vietnamese private enterprise honored as a “Large tax payment enterprise, good compliance with customs laws” operating in the manufacturing industry, the field of galvanized steel production and business, and ranked No. 11 in the Top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam. Hoa Sen Group is also continuously honored as a prestigious export enterprise; Top 10 excellent brands; Top 10 reputable construction materials companies; Top 40 most valuable brands in Vietnam; Top 50 most effective business companies in Vietnam; Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam; Top 1000 largest tax paying enterprises in Vietnam and many other prestigious awards.

With outstanding business results, prestigious awards for product quality and the trust of consumers across the country, Hoa Sen Group is constantly growing and developing, affirming its commitment to a brand that always creates the best value for consumers and society, aiming to become the leading economic group in Vietnam and the region.

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