Hoa Sen Hot-dip Galvanized Pipes: Leading technology, outstanding quality

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In recent years, requirements in the construction industry are becoming increasingly strict. The longevity and sustainability of buildings are always top priority issues. However, the challenges that arise are how to keep construction works on the coast from being eroded; fire protection system that is durable over time; which technology can be optimal, etc Grasping modern technology and practical needs, Hoa Sen Group has invested in building Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipe factory.

Mr. Nguyen Van Truong, Director of Hoa Sen Phu My Factory said that: “With the motto of sustainable development, Hoa Sen has imported hot-dip galvanizing lines that meet European standards. Hoa Sen has launched product lines that are durable in quality and beautiful in appearance. Therefore, our products are favored by demanding markets such as the US and Australia. In the near future, Hoa Sen will supply products with high quality requirements for the domestic market. Furthermore, we will continue to expand export markets.”

Thanks to GIMECO line system from Italy, a leader in hot-dip galvanizing technology has many years of experience in the world, including 6 steel machines, one slitting machine, one hot-dip galvanizing line with a capacity of 85,000 tons/year.

Black steel pipes are produced through a system of high-rise welding machines, internal and external welding seam planers, and an ultrasonic defect inspection system; then, the pressure is tested using a hydrostatic pressure machine to check the weld quality.

The process of dipping zinc steel pipes consists of six main phases:

  • Phase 1: Clean product
  • Phase 2: Remove rust
  • Phase 3: Embed flux
  • Phase 4: Galvanize
  • Phase 5: Cool and apply surface protectant
  • Phase 6: Check the quality of hot-dip galvanized pipes

Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipe factory has an outstanding, safe and effective environmental treatment system. Chemical vapors during the oil removal and rust removal process, white smoke, and zinc dust will be thoroughly sucked into the filter tower system, then collected and processed.

Mr. Claudio Parma, Zinc Pipe Project & Operations Director from GIMECO said that, “Our company has developed this technology line for 50 years of operation. One of the main advantages is the attention and respect to the employees working on the line, ensuring safety and a controlled working environment. The workplace is guaranteed not to pollute the environment and is safe for them.”

Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipe factory is invested in a series of imported machinery, defect testing machines, comprehensive quality inspection of zinc pipes, hydrostatic pressure testing machines, hardness testers, tensile testing machines, plating amount testing machine. Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes meet the following standards:

  • American standards: ASTM A53/ A53M – 12; ASTM A795, ASTM A795M – 21;
  • British Standard: BS 1387:1985; BS EN 10255:2004;
  • Australian standards: AS 1074 – 1989;

Mrs. Hoang Thi Kieu Diem, Sales Manager – Hyundai Corporation said that, “Hyundai cooperates with Hoa Sen Group in importing hot-dip galvanized pipes into the US market. Hoa Sen’s product quality is always improved to meet the strict standards of the US market. Hyundai wishes to cooperate long-term with Hoa Sen Group in importing hot-dip galvanized pipes into the US and other markets.”

Mr. Jon Carter, Managing Director – Kenna International Corporation PTY LTD told that: “Hoa Sen’s product distribution system is large enough to meet our conditions. Furthermore, high quality products and good services are also important factors for us, because we want to work with companies that we can easily cooperate, with very good prices from Hoa Sen. There are a few important points, one of which is Hoa Sen’s reputation. It is an important issue and has been developing for a long time in the Australian market.”

Hoa Sen hot-dip zinc pipes are widely used in many fields: Fire protection system; construction scaffolding system; high-tech agricultural production systems; high quality livestock farm system; shrimp farming system; road and bridge railing systems; system of traffic lights and signs; etc In addition, Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes are also used in gas supply systems, gas pipelines, and hydraulic industries.

Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes have high durability and bearing capacity; The plating thickness is 8 times higher than conventional zinc plating; The plating surface is uniform, comprehensively protecting the product; good resistance even in harsh environments; Diverse in specifications, meeting all customer needs.

Ms. Nguyen Thi An, Head of Purchasing Department – ATN Saigon Development Company Limited said that, “The quality of Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes meets Regulation 41 of the Ministry of Transport, serving well for traffic safety projects. We still trust and use Hoa Sen Group products. During use, the Group has very good care policies and we feel very satisfied with that.”

Mr. Le Van Thuong, Director of V.E.D.A Investment Joint Stock Company said, “Our company has been using Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes since 2018. The projects and works our company constructs are mainly for fire protection systems. In the market, Hoa Sen has a competitive advantage over other competitors, especially in after-sales, meeting the quality requirements of the project, current fire protection standards, and diversifying product designs.”


Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes are the top choice for large projects in Vietnam:

  • Medical Testing Center – Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine
  • Thu Duc General Hospital
  • Bcons Plaza
  • Tecco Felice Homes (Binh Duong)
  • BW Bac Tien Phong Industrial Park
  • Nghi Son Industrial Park (Thanh Hoa)
  • Worldon Garment Factory (HCMC)
  • Happy One Central (Binh Duong) luxury apartment building
  • The Legacy Building (Hanoi)
  • Zhaowen Knitting (Tay Ninh) Factory
  • Apec Mandala Wyndham (Phu Yen) Complex

Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes with optimal quality is a trusted choice in many countries around the world such as the US, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. Currently, Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes have been conquering domestic and foreign consumers with outstanding quality.

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