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For its first long product rolling mill, which will produce 80 tph of high-quality rounds and squares in alloy, carbon, tool, and stainless steels for various industrial applications, the top Mexican maker of forged products, Frisa, chose to depend on Danieli's technology and apparatus.

The vast range of huge bars to be manufactured will comprise semi-finished rounds, 13-16 inch (330-406 mm); rounds, and round corner squares, up to 12 inch, all with tight and consistent dimensional tolerances and with the best surface conditions (305 mm).

The new factory will be built in Garcia, Nuevo Leon, and will be supplied with high-quality ingots from Frisa Steel that have been heated in natural gas furnaces and descaled using industrial water under high pressure before rolling.

A reversing break-down mill stand will be the first component of the Danieli rolling mill, followed by an in-line intermediate and finishing mill made up of six SHS housingless stands positioned in both a vertical and horizontal arrangement. The mill will be finished with shears, saws, marking stations, walking-beam cooling beds, and slow-cooling stations.

Fully automated process settings and control of the new mill are fully guaranteed by an innovative Danieli Automation control system. Dimensional accuracy and surface quality will be examined using a high-profile contactless measuring equipment.

The commissioning of the facility is slated for Q2 2024.

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