Indian government launches 'Made in India' labelling program for steel products

29 November, 2023 by

In a strategic move to champion locally-manufactured goods on the global stage, the Indian government has unveiled a pioneering initiative, requiring domestic steel producers to affix 'Made in India' labels to their products. The announcement, made in an official statement on Friday, November 24, outlines the government's commitment to bolstering the presence of Indian steel in international markets.

The inaugural phase of this initiative encompasses all integrated steel producers (ISPs), marking the commencement of branding and labeling for 'Made-in-India' steel products on a global scale. The government envisions this as a pivotal step in positioning Indian steel as a formidable player in the competitive global marketplace.

As the program advances, the second phase will witness the inclusion of secondary mills, expanding the scope of the initiative to a broader spectrum of steel producers. This phased approach is designed to ensure a systematic and comprehensive implementation of the 'Made in India' labeling program across the steel industry.


Beyond the promotional aspect, the initiative holds the promise of enhancing the standardized quality of Indian steel products, thereby instilling confidence in buyers worldwide. By associating the 'Made in India' label, the government aims to convey a commitment to quality and reliability, reinforcing India's position as a trusted source of steel.

A significant milestone in this initiative is the completion of the ISPs-QCI (Quality Council of India) portal Application Programming Interface (API) integration. This technical development enables label and QR code authentication, ensuring the integrity and traceability of 'Made in India' labeled steel products. The utilization of technology in authentication aligns with the government's vision to embrace digital solutions for efficient implementation and monitoring.

In summary, the launch of the 'Made in India' labeling program for steel products signifies a bold stride by the Indian government to showcase the nation's manufacturing prowess on a global scale. As the initiative unfolds in phases, it is poised to leave an indelible mark on the perception and competitiveness of Indian steel in the international market.

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