Kobe Steel cuts BF carbon emissions by 25% at Kakogawa Works with new technology

19 October, 2023 by

Kobe Steel, a renowned Japanese steel manufacturer, has reported a significant breakthrough in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions during the second quarter of this year. Their innovative technology, demonstrated at the Kakogawa Works, successfully cut carbon emissions by an impressive 25% from a substantial blast furnace with a volume of 4,844 cubic meters.

This remarkable achievement was made possible through the utilization of key technologies developed by Kobe Steel Group. These technologies, specifically the Midrex HBI manufacturing technology in the engineering sector and advanced blast furnace operation techniques in the steel industry, represent a milestone in their efforts to combat carbon emissions. Importantly, these innovations have the potential to be applied to blast furnaces in other companies as well.


Furthermore, the demonstration test of this technology showcased an exceptional accomplishment – the world's lowest coke rate at a mere 230 kilograms per metric ton of hot metal (tHM). Kobe Steel is committed to continuing its efforts in perfecting low-carbon blast furnace operation technologies, with the ultimate goal of further reducing carbon emissions and decreasing the associated costs.

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