Mexican government extends AD duties on imported steel pipes from China

28 October, 2023 by

The Mexican government has announced its decision to continue the imposition of preliminary anti-dumping duties on carbon steel pipes with longitudinal seams imported from China. These duties, which were initially established in March 2018, range from $356 to $618 per metric ton (mt).

The specific duty rates set in 2018 are as follows: $0.356 per kilogram ($356/mt) for imports from Huludao City Steel Pipe Industrial, $0.506 per kilogram ($506/mt) for Tianjin Huilitong Steel Tube, and $0.537 per kilogram ($537/mt) for Tianjin United Steel Pipe. Pipes manufactured by Tangshan Zhengyuan Pipeline, Tianjin Youfa Dezhong Steel Pipe, Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe, Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group, and other Chinese exporters face a duty of $0.618 per kilogram ($618/mt).

These carbon steel pipes are imported into Mexico under various tariff items, including 7306.19.99, 7306.30.03, 7306.30.04, 7306.30.99, and 7306.61.01, as per the Tariff of the Law of General Import and Export Taxes (TIGIE).

In 2016, companies such as Forza SPL, Pytco, and Tubería Laguna requested an investigation into price discrimination, collectively contributing 40.2 percent of national production. Other Mexican companies that both produced the investigated product and supported the research included Ternium, Peasa, Tubacero, Procarsa, Perfiles y Herrajes, Regiomontana, Prolamsa, and Arco Metal, accounting for 16.2 percent of production. However, Conduit and Lámina y Placa Comercial (Grupo Villacero), which contributed 3.4 percent of production, did not support the investigation.

Companies interested in the procedure have a 20-business-day window to present arguments and additional evidence, according to the Mexican government. It's worth noting that, since the initiation of the administrative procedure for reviewing the validity and the ex officio review of countervailing duties in March of this year, both companies and the Chinese government were invited to participate, but no response was received.

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