New inland gas pipeline to require more steel plate in Brazil

5 January, 2024 by

Equinor's Brazilian subsidiary has engaged Azevedo & Travassos (A&T) engineering for the construction of a pivotal inland gas pipeline connecting the Cabiúnas terminal in the Campos oil basin, situated off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, to the national grid for widespread gas distribution.

This upcoming gas pipeline, spanning a length of 4.5 kilometers, is set to necessitate approximately 2,000 metric tons of robust steel plate. This demand will contribute to the existing requirement of 375,000 metric tons of steel plate for additional pipelines slated for construction across Brazil in the coming years.

The anticipated expenditure for this particular pipeline segment is estimated at $100 million, underlining the significant investment and commitment to enhancing Brazil's gas infrastructure. The project not only addresses the immediate regional needs but also aligns with the broader strategy of expanding and optimizing the nation's energy distribution network.

Equinor's collaboration with A&T engineering underscores the expertise and capabilities required for the successful execution of such critical energy projects. As Brazil continues to advance its energy infrastructure, the demand for heavy steel plate in pipeline construction is poised to play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and fostering energy security. Stay tuned as this transformative project unfolds, shaping the future landscape of Brazil's gas transportation capabilities.

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