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A brand-new, cutting-edge walking beam furnace has been finished by Thyssenkrupp Steel at its Duisburg location. The new unit's most significant benefit is a further increase in the surface quality of premium sheet, such that needed for vehicle body panels. The new furnace also raises the bar for energy usage and effectiveness. Tenova LOI Thermprocess, a world pioneer in heat treatment process technology, installed the new unit. This initial project under Strategy 20-30 has an investment amount in the mid-double-digit million range.

The Steel Strategy 20-30 is centered on the methodical alignment of the product range to future markets and lucrative steel grades as well as the targeted optimization of the production network. Multiphase steels, lightweight steels, grades with excellent surfaces, and steels for electric mobility are a few examples of these.

Avoiding surface flaws begins with the new walking beam furnace as soon as the slabs are warmed. Only walking beam furnaces have the capacity to gently move slabs through the furnace using a raising and lowering device without causing damage to the slab's underneath surface. The slab spacing also provides more uniform surface heating, thereby eliminating underneath damage. Contrarily, with traditional pusher furnaces, which can cause scratches when the slabs are pushed through the furnace to reheat them for rolling. The new walking beam furnace will make it possible to continue to meet the automobile industry's high and demanding quality standards going forward.

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