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Nickel (+3%) and aluminium (+1.5%) started strong in LME trading on Monday morning. Positive labour market data was reported from the United States and Germany. And what happens to dumped aluminium imports into Europe?

Soon end for Chinese aluminium imports?

After the European Commission had already shown toughness with regard to Indonesian and Indian stainless steel imports by imposing high anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties, people are now eagerly awaiting an official decision on the anti-dumping duties regarding Chinese aluminium imports.

Danger of an end to the AD suspension increases

The anti-dumping monitoring installed by the EC has already shown that imports from China have increased significantly, despite a considerable rise in energy and raw material costs. The shaken European aluminium industry is also in the spotlight, which is now facing even greater challenges due to the Russian crisis. The European competition watchdogs are unlikely to have overlooked this. This is likely to have increased the risk of an end to the suspension of the anti-dumping measure.

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