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US monthly steel imports fell by 17.0 percent from October to total 1,820,442 mt in November 2022, according to preliminary census statistics from the US Department of Commerce. A year-over-year comparison reveals a reduction of 30.7%. US steel imports reached $2.78 billion in value in November, down from $3.28 billion in October and $3.65 billion in November 2021.

The top five countries from which US steel was imported in November were Canada (476,832 mt), Mexico (227,099 mt), Brazil (131,729 mt), South Korea (125,937 mt), and Germany (107,356 mt).

Semi-finished imports by product category reached 214,769 mt in November, compared to 500,497 mt in November 2021 and 395,723 mt in October. Imports of uniform goods decreased to 743,288 mt in November from 1,164,858 mt in November 2021 and 825,701 mt in October. Compared to 430,133 mt in October and 492,387 mt in November 2021, the total amount of long product imports in November was 334,861 mt. Imports of pipes and tubes reached 456,378 mt in November, up from 381,476 mt in November 2021 despite a decline from 457,489 mt in October.

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) estimates that the US's share of the global steel import market was 22% in November 2022, down from 23% in October and 24% for the entire year.

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