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The Swedish manufacturer Ovako has hired Pomini Long Rolling Mills to complete the upgrading of its Hallefors, Orebro County, rolling plant for special steels.

The rolling mill produces high-value special steel bars, with a yearly capacity of 400,000 tons of straight and coiled bars, whose ultimate uses are primarily in the automobile, mining, and energy sectors, as well as other industrial industries. The expenditure seeks to increase the mill's operational freedom and sustainability.

The machinery will be put into service in the second part of 2023.

The primary project scope entails replacing the current roughing train with four housing-free RedRing series 5 stands organized in a horizontal/vertical arrangement, replete with gear reduction units, in order to partly replace the mechanical and electrical equipment. Reduced carbon pollution and energy costs will result from the new RedRing roughing stands' ability to decrease the billet temperature prior to rolling. Additionally, new cutting machinery is provided.

The initiative includes PriSense, a software and component-based unique system for efficient preventive maintenance developed by Pomini Long Rolling Mills. Operational replacement components, spares, fluid systems, primary motors with drives, automation integration, and extra technical services round out the purview.

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