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The biggest electrolyzer in Sweden will be built by Ovako near Hofors with permission from the Land and Environmental Court of Sweden in Ostersund. It will be used to produce hydrogen without the use of fossil fuels.

Ovako stated in a news statement that as a result of this choice, the hydrogen plant will be operational by the summer of 2023.

The new hydrogen facility in Hofors will enable Ovako to produce carbon-neutral steel by substituting LPG with fossil-free hydrogen, making it the first steel producer in the world to heat steel with hydrogen prior to rolling. The technical answer will also make it possible to produce hydrogen on a wide scale and affordably for uses like fuel-cell trucks that can transport goods without the need of fossil fuels. Together with Volvo Group, Hitachi Energy, H2 Green Steel, and Nel Hydrogen, the investment is made.

At Ovako's facility in Hofors, the electrolyzer for the creation of hydrogen free of fossil fuels will be constructed. 3,500 cubic meters of fossil-free hydrogen are produced each hour by the 17 MW facility. Ovako will be able to cut its CO2 emissions for steel manufacturing in Hofors by 50% as a result of the conversion to hydrogen from current low levels. The Swedish Energy Agency is supporting the investment, which is estimated to be worth 17.3 million USD. By 2030, all of Ovako's steel-rolling facilities are expected to use locally produced hydrogen, provided there is a sufficient supply of fossil-free electricity.

Ovako produces premium technical steel for clients in the industrial, transportation, and bearing sectors. The business belongs to Nippon Steel Corporation, one of the biggest steel manufacturers in the world, and is a subsidiary of Sanyo Special Steel.

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