Thyssenkrupp CEO: Germany needs to extend hydrogen network in Europe

16 January, 2024 by

Thyssenkrupp CEO, Miguel López, has emphasized the strategic significance of extending the hydrogen network in Europe, particularly through the construction of new pipelines connecting southern Europe to Germany. In an interview with a local German newspaper, López outlined the critical role such infrastructure would play in addressing Germany's increasing demand for hydrogen.

López highlighted the need for Germany to establish connections with countries like Spain, Portugal, and Morocco to ensure a secure supply of hydrogen. This supply is crucial for local steelmakers, especially during the transition to low-emission production. The CEO stressed the importance of linking the upcoming Duisburg green steel plant to the proposed hydrogen core network outlined by Robert Habeck, the German federal minister of economics.

"Pipeline connections from the west and south of Europe are essential. Failing to establish them will make it challenging to meet the substantial demand for hydrogen in Germany. The hydrogen requirements for our new DRI plant are substantial," López emphasized.

While Thyssenkrupp's Duisburg green steel plant has the option to be powered by natural gas, the company must prioritize hydrogen usage to maintain state-funding privileges. López noted that a deviation towards natural gas could jeopardize significant funding, as the state requires a specific threshold of hydrogen utilization for eligibility.

López underscored the importance of expanding the hydrogen network, emphasizing the need for infrastructure readiness to promote the hydrogen economy in Germany. The CEO stated that this expansion is crucial for facilitating the energy transition and supporting industries like steel production in achieving sustainable practices.

Additionally, Thyssenkrupp is actively seeking global energy partnerships, with a particular focus on regions such as the Iberian Peninsula, the Arabian Peninsula, and the southern United States. These collaborations aim to advance hydrogen practices and contribute to the company's commitment to sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.

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