Turkey's Erciyas Çelik Boru to export gas pipes to Europe

5 January, 2024 by

Turkey's leading steel pipe manufacturer, Erciyas Çelik Boru Sanayi A.Ş., is set to bolster its presence in the European market with a significant natural gas pipe order valued at €164.83 million, inclusive of taxes. The order, acquired through consortium partnerships, represents a pivotal step for Erciyas in its strategic growth within the European Union.

Erciyas Çelik Boru holds a substantial 22.5 percent share in the lucrative order, underscoring the company's expertise and capabilities in meeting the evolving demands of the European energy infrastructure sector. The gas pipe order, scheduled for shipment in 2025, signifies a commitment to delivering high-quality products that adhere to international standards.

This substantial contract not only reinforces Erciyas Çelik Boru's position as a key player in the global steel pipe market but also showcases the company's dedication to fostering collaborative ventures to meet the increasing demand for energy-related infrastructure in Europe. As the company navigates this strategic venture, it positions itself as a reliable partner for sustainable energy solutions in the dynamic European market.

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