US line pipe imports up 14.2 percent in August

11 October, 2023 by

Based on the latest data from the US Department of Commerce's final census report, line pipe imports in the United States reached 68,004 metric tons in August 2023. This represents a notable 14.2 percent increase compared to July, and a substantial 18.9 percent rise when compared to the same period in 2022.

In terms of monetary value, the total worth of line pipe imports in August 2023 was $101.4 million. This marks a slight decline from July, where it stood at $103.6 million, but remains higher than the $93.4 million recorded in August 2022.

During August, South Korea emerged as the primary source of line pipe imports to the United States, supplying 35,829 metric tons. This figure is significantly higher than the 12,621 metric tons in July and the 20,622 metric tons from August 2022. Other notable contributors to line pipe imports in August include Mexico, providing 6,948 metric tons; Canada, with 4,713 metric tons; the United Kingdom, contributing 4,666 metric tons; and South Africa, supplying 3,485 metric tons.

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