US plates in coil imports up 25.7 percent in October

12 December, 2023 by

The latest figures from the US Department of Commerce's final census data report a substantial 25.7% increase in US imports of plates in coil for the month of October 2023. The data showcases a notable uptick from both September 2023 and October 2022 levels.

In October 2023, the total volume of plates in coil imports reached 109,361 metric tons, reflecting a significant surge of 25.7% compared to the previous month and a 5.4% increase when measured against October 2022. In terms of value, the imported plates in coil accounted for $90.5 million, a noteworthy rise from $80.9 million in September 2023, although it represents a decrease from the $97.9 million recorded in October 2022.

Canada emerged as the leading contributor to US plate in coil imports for October, supplying a total of 53,859 metric tons. This figure represents an increase from the 51,096 metric tons imported in September 2023, although it is slightly lower than the 58,834 metric tons reported in October 2022. Other prominent sources of imported plates in coil during October include South Korea (14,679 metric tons), Germany (11,169 metric tons), Netherlands (9,879 metric tons), and Mexico (7,075 metric tons).

These statistics underscore the dynamic nature of the US market for plates in coil, with robust growth observed in October and a shifting landscape of major supplier countries. The continuous monitoring of these import trends provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the steel industry.

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