US raw steel production up 1.5 percent week-on-week

25 July, 2023 by

As of the week ending on July 22, 2023, the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) reported that US domestic raw steel production reached 1,741,000 net tons, with a capability utilization rate of 76.6 percent.

Compared to the previous week, which ended on July 15, 2023, the production for the week ending July 22, 2023 increased by 1.5 percent, as it amounted to 1,716,000 net tons, with a capability utilization rate of 75.5 percent.

During the same week last year, ending on July 22, 2022, the production was recorded at 1,721,000 net tons, and the capability utilization rate stood at 78.1 percent. The current week's production reflects a growth of 1.2 percent compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

Looking at the year-to-date figures through July 22, 2023, the adjusted production reached 49,362,000 net tons, with a capability utilization rate of 75.8 percent. This shows a decrease of 2.5 percent when compared to the same period last year, which had a production of 50,641,000 net tons, and a capability utilization rate of 80.0 percent.

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