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The Danieli minimill has been ordered by India's Tata Steel for its Punjab rebar factory.

Tata Steel is committed to investing in a circular economy and making the transition to low-carbon steelmaking through the use of steel recycling, and one of those investments is a Danieli MIDA Hybrid QLP minimill for the manufacturing of long products.

A new MIDA with an annual capacity of 750,000 tons of high-quality rebar, mostly in 550 SD grade, will be built in Ludhiana, Punjab, in northern India. And it will begin running by the end of 2024.

The Danieli-patented Digimelter (Q-One + Zerobucket + Q-Melt suite) and Octocaster will be used in the minimill to feed an ultra-compact rolling mill.

The Q-One power feeder uses semiconductor components to handle erratic power demands with great flexibility and dependability. As a consequence, there is no influence on the power network and decreased use of energy, electrodes, and refractory materials. By virtue of its hybrid architecture, it enables the immediate use of renewable energy produced on the spot.

The ECS continuous scrap-charging and preheating system will provide warmed scrap to the 75-t Zerobucket Digimelter.

The melting profile may be dynamically and automatically optimized using Danieli Q-Melt sophisticated process control.

A single-strand Octocaster equipped with an ECO-PowerMould and a FastCast Cube oscillator, which has an hourly productivity of 112 tons, powers the endless casting-rolling, which is coupled to the rolling mill for continuous manufacturing.

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