US structural pipe and tube imports up 24.3 percent in May

22 julio, 2023 por

Based on the final census data from the US Department of Commerce, it was reported that US imports of structural pipe and tube experienced significant growth in May 2023. The total imports reached 38,943 metric tons, showing a substantial increase of 24.3 percent compared to April and a notable rise of 16.4 percent compared to May 2022.

In terms of value, the imports of structural pipe and tube amounted to $55.7 million in May 2023. This represents an improvement compared to the previous month, which saw imports worth $51.7 million, but a decline from May 2022, when the imports were valued at $68.8 million.

The primary source of structural pipe and tube imports in May was Canada, supplying 21,433 metric tons. This figure demonstrates growth from both April (18,873 metric tons) and May 2022 (17,451 metric tons). Other significant sources of imported structural pipe and tube during the same period were Mexico, contributing 8,767 metric tons, and South Korea, with 5,846 metric tons.

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