12 7月, 2022 by

At Gerdau Wilton in Iowa, USA, AIC North America has successfully finished commissioning the initial drive upgrade phase.

Replacement of stands 1, 2, 3, and 11 drives, as well as the activation of new converters for stands and shears, have been the focal points of the intervention. The project included the drives and controls for shears (SH1 & SH3), approach roller table to stand 2, pinch roll 3, and VF0 roller table drives.

The site's Rolling Mill Control system platform was interfaced with the complete migration of the shears controls from the outdated axis control to the new ControlLogix platform with motion controls. Additionally, a Safety PLC was built to enhance the site's safety LOTO processes.

The remaining rolling mill stands will be erected during the Thanksgiving holiday in November of this year. This is the first of two steps in the installation process for the rolling mill's entire renovation.

AIC is an international system integrator that develops, produces, and commissions complete plants all over the world, offering cutting-edge and customized mechatronics and automation solutions for the steel industry.

The long steel and special steel goods that Gerdau's North American business division specializes in include beams and piling, merchant bar quality, rebar, special bar quality, and wire rod products. Steel rebar, angles, and flats are the main products of the Gerdau steel mill in Wilton, Iowa.

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