JSW Steel Limited of India acquires full ownership of NSL Green Recycling from Partner NSH

26 9月, 2023 by

JSW Steel Limited, a prominent Indian steel manufacturer, has announced a significant development in its business portfolio. The company has recently finalized a share purchase agreement with National Steel Holding (NSH) to acquire NSH's equity stake in NSL Green Recycling. This strategic move marks a notable shift in the ownership structure of NSL Green Recycling.

Upon the successful completion of this acquisition, NSL Green Recycling will transition into a wholly-owned subsidiary under the umbrella of JSW Steel Limited. This transition aims to streamline operations and enhance synergies within the group.


The origins of this partnership trace back to August 2022 when JSW Steel Limited and NSH, a New Zealand-based entity, joined forces to establish NSL Green Recycling Limited. The primary objective of this collaboration was to establish a facility dedicated to processing and supplying ferrous scrap materials to support JSW Steel Limited's steel manufacturing operations.

As of the latest update, NSL Green Recycling has yet to initiate its operational activities, and the acquisition by JSW Steel Limited sets the stage for the company to further its mission in the recycling and steel manufacturing sector. This move underscores JSW Steel Limited's commitment to strengthening its position in the industry and expanding its capabilities to meet the growing demands of the steel market.

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