Mexican Steel Companies Report Another Month of Record Employment in April

19 5月, 2023 by

The steel industry in Mexico registered the fourth consecutive employment record in April, now with 142,854 workers, 6.2 percent more compared to the same month in 2022, according to a SteelOrbis analysis of official data.

In April, the largest steel economy in Mexico, by number of jobs, was Nuevo León with 28,760 workers (20.1 percent of the total), followed by Coahuila with 19,936 workers (14.0 percent of the total), Estado de México with 12,863 workers (9.0 percent), Guanajuato with 11,994 workers (8.4 percent) and Veracruz with 11,283 workers (7.9 percent of the total). Together these five states concentrate 59.4 percent of the 142,854 employed workers.

With the new employment record for the steel industry, its share of national employment was also at a maximum level in at least the last seven years, for the month of April. Its share in national formal employment was 0.7 percent and its share in manufacturing employment was 2.4 percent.

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