CSN to start steel product production in São Paulo

21 August, 2023 by

CSN, the Brazilian company known for its steel and iron ore production, is set to initiate manufacturing of metallic packaging in Taubaté, a city situated in the southeastern state of São Paulo. This move comes as CSN takes over the facility previously owned by the Ford Motor Company, which ceased its vehicle production operations in Brazil in January 2021.

Formerly employed by Ford for the production of engines and gearboxes for their automotive products, the Taubaté plant will now serve as the hub for CSN's metallic packaging line. This expansion leverages the expertise of CSN's subsidiary, Prada Embalagens, renowned for crafting steel cans and similar items.

The successful operation of this plant is anticipated to require the employment of approximately one thousand individuals, a workforce that CSN is presently in the process of selecting.

Over the course of 15 years, the newly established plant will enjoy tax reductions, a concession granted by the local authorities in Taubaté to incentivize CSN's establishment within the city.

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