Deacero partners with Danieli for cutting-edge scrap shredding technology

22 November, 2023 by

In a strategic move to bolster its recycling capabilities, Mexican long steel producer Deacero has recently placed an order for five state-of-the-art scrap shredders from renowned Italian plantmaker Danieli. The decision aims to optimize the processing of light domestic scrap and car bodies, signaling Deacero's commitment to sustainable and efficient steel production practices.

The forthcoming plants will integrate cutting-edge magnetic separation technology, a key feature enhancing the quality of the processed scrap. This innovation aligns with Deacero's goal to obtain cleaner scrap, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally conscious steel manufacturing process.

One noteworthy aspect of this collaboration is the incorporation of Danieli's patented inverter technology. This innovation is poised to bring about a significant reduction in operational costs, with the potential to decrease power consumption by up to 15 percent. This not only underscores Deacero's commitment to efficiency but also positions the company for long-term sustainability in the steel industry.


The primary application of the output from these new shredders will be to supply Deacero's meltshops in Mexico, further streamlining the company's steel production operations.

Danieli, a stalwart in the plantmaking industry, has announced that the equipment for this project will be meticulously manufactured and assembled at its specialized workshops in Thailand and Italy. This underscores the company's dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and ensuring the highest standards in production quality.

The collaboration between Deacero and Danieli represents a significant stride toward modernizing steel production processes, not only in Mexico but also on a global scale. As the steel industry continues to evolve, partnerships of this nature underscore the importance of innovation and sustainability in ensuring a robust future for the sector. The implementation of these advanced scrap shredders is expected to mark a transformative phase for Deacero, enhancing its operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

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