HBIS Achieves Historic Milestone: Producing DRI with Over 60% Hydrogen

5 June, 2023 by

HBZX High Tech, a subsidiary of Hebei Iron & Steel Group (HBIS) based in China, Achieves Historic Milestone as First Steelmaker to Produce Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) with Over 60% Hydrogen.

In an exciting development, Danieli, the esteemed Italian plantmaker, has officially announced a groundbreaking achievement in collaboration with China's HBZX High Tech, a division of Hebei Iron & Steel Group (HBIS).

The HBZX plant has become the pioneer in the steel industry by successfully producing direct reduced iron (DRI) utilizing a feed gas mix with more than 60 percent hydrogen. This remarkable achievement showcases their technological prowess and commitment to innovation.

With an impressive annual production capacity of 600,000 metric tons, the HBZX plant is leading the charge as the world's first hydrogen-enriched gas-powered DRI industrial production facility. This extraordinary feat has been made possible by implementing Danieli's advanced Energiron® direct reduction technology. 

Leveraging this cutting-edge solution, the HBZX plant achieves unparalleled levels of energy efficiency and product quality, thanks to the utilization of hydrogen as a reducing agent. Notably, the technology empowers the plant to incorporate hydrogen in the feed gas mix up to 100 percent, maximizing its potential benefits.

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This remarkable achievement by HBZX High Tech and Danieli sets a new standard in the steel industry, highlighting the transformative potential of hydrogen as a critical element in the production of direct reduced iron. Their collaboration represents a significant leap forward in sustainable steelmaking and establishes a strong foundation for future advancements in the field.

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