Hoa Sen Group was honored as ‘Top 100 most valuable brands in Vietnam’ for the 9th consecutive time

29 November, 2023 by

Pioneering in building and innovating sales methods, creating new steps in Vietnam’s construction materials industry, Hoa Sen Group will continue to appear in the report “Brand Finance Vietnam 100 2023 in 2023 for the 9th consecutive time, since the first report in 2015.

On August 15, 2023, Brand Finance released the report on “Vietnam 100 2023”, ranking 100 most valuable Vietnamese brands in 2023. This report was firstly released in Vietnam by Brand Finance (the world’s leading company in brand consulting and valuation) in 2015. Brand Finance’s independent research results are based on market research data with the aim of finding and honoring the most valuable brands in Vietnam as well as creating opportunities for Vietnamese businesses to better perceive and understand adding the importance of sustainable brand development for businesses. Accordingly, brand value is understood as the net economic benefit that the brand owner will receive through licensing the brand in the open market.

List of “Vietnam 100 2023” brings together most of the key enterprises of the Vietnamese economy. According to the report, the brand “Hoa Sen Group” ranked 51/100 most valuable brands in Vietnam in 2023. Particularly in the field of Engineering & Construction, the brand “Hoa Sen Group” ranked 2nd out of 11 businesses in the field of Engineering & Construction in the report.

According to Brand Finance, “Brand Finance Vietnam 100 2023” is evaluated and ranked based on the actual business situation of enterprises with the main backbones such as: Brand strength index, brand impact in the field, business results and future growth forecast.

In addition to valuing brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard that includes metrics evaluating marketing investment, shareholder equity and business performance. Compliant with ISO 20671, Brand Finance’s assessment of shareholder equity combines original market research data from more than 150,000 interview participants in 38 countries across 31 sectors.

Established on August 8, 2001, after more than two decades of creation, growth and affirming its leading position, Hoa Sen Group always follows core values of “Integrity – Community – Development” as a commitment of a Vietnamese business to always strive to create the best values for consumers and society. In addition to focusing well on production and business activities, Hoa Sen Group has been affirming its brand mark through a series of sponsorship and charity programs with profound social and humanitarian significance such as: Overcome yourself, Compassionate heart, Golden rattles, Shine Vietnamese energy, Ton Hoa Sen – Go to school with you, Futsal soccer tournament for children with special circumstances, Pair of loving leaves, Sing for tomorrow, Vietnamese Family Shelter, etc

Thanks to outstanding business results, prestigious awards for product quality and the trust of consumers across the country, Hoa Sen Group is constantly growing and developing, affirming that it will always create the best values for consumers and society, aiming to become the leading economic group in Vietnam and the region.

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