Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe revealed its success thanks to technology innovation strategy

29 November, 2023 by

‏Investing in the latest and most modern technological equipment lines from Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Germany), Hoa Sen plastic pipe products meet strict technical requirements, affirming technological superiority with product lines that meet international standards.‏

‏Improve product quality with modern technology‏

Officially present on the market since 2008, after only nearly 14 years of development, Hoa Sen Group has become the top 3 leading plastic pipe manufacturers and traders in Vietnam. Hoa Sen plastic pipe output grew significantly, reaching 5,000 tons/month, with high-product quality meeting the strict needs of domestic and international customers.

Pioneer in production technology, investing in modern machinery and equipment systems of European standards. ‏‏With a system of equipment lines using the newest and most modern technology from Battenfeld-Cincinnati (Germany) – to ensure devices with high capacity, energy saving and environmental friendliness.

In addition to investing in technology, Hoa Sen Group also focuses on establishing strict product quality management processes. Hoa Sen Group is equipped with a Vlat certified laboratory according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards by modern machinery and equipment systems from the US, Germany, Japan, Canada… such as rheological force tester, flow index tester, material strength tester, hydrostatic pressure tester, impact tester… to control all quality criteria from input materials to output products.

To manufacture plastic pipe products with outstanding quality, it is due to a modern production process according to European standards, which is strictly inspected from input materials to output finished products.

Raw materials of producing Hoa Sen plastic pipes are imported from reputable sources around the world such as: Shintech – USA, Taiyo – Japan, Arab… Along with a closed production process, raw materials and additives are automatically fed into the central mixing system to ensure that the batches are always uniform in ratio to produce plastic pipe products with outstanding quality, high temperature resistance and environmentally friendly.‏

Thanks to its technical superiority, Hoa Sen plastic pipe has been certified by QUACERT to comply with international standards in the water supply and drainage industry such as: ISO 4427-2:2007/TCVN 7305-2:2008, Din 8074:2011-12 & Din 8075:2011-12, AS/NZS 1477:2006, national technical regulation QCVN 16:2019/BXD, International certification for the electricity industry – European Standard BS EN 61386-22:2004+A11:2010 regulates the safety indicators required in the electricity industry. ‏

‏Currently, Hoa Sen Group is manufacturing and trading many product lines to meet all customer needs from civil to construction projects such as: uPVC plastic pipes, HDPE plastic pipes, PP-R plastic pipes, UV-resistant PP-R plastic pipes, round uPVC conduit pipes and elastic uPVC conduit pipes (flexible pipes) and a full range of accessories accompanying package. ‏

‏Outstanding products – Worthy of national brands‏

‏Recently, in a survey on the durability of Hoa Sen plastic pipes, customers had the opportunity to witness vivid visual experiments at Hoa Sen Ha Nam factory.

With the form of a truck rolling over a plastic pipe to test the durability and impact resistance of the plastic pipe, it can be seen that Hoa Sen plastic pipes have outstanding advantages such as durability, high impact resistance without cracking. Hoa Sen plastic pipes have a tensile strength of 50Mpa (standard 45 Mpa), elongation of 120% (standard 80%), and horizontal compression ability of 40% without cracking.

Present at the durability and impact testing session of Hoa Sen plastic pipes, Mr. Cao Trung The – Distributor of Hoa Sen Plastic Pipes in Hai Phong shared: ‏‏“For the first time, actually witnessing an experiment, I still have felt quite surprised about the flexibility and strength of the product from the moment of witness until noy. I feel very impressed with this product.”‏

With efforts to enhance competitive advantage through product quality, Hoa Sen Group has been certified as a manufacturing enterprise by the Institute of Applied Materials Science (under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) as the first plastic pipe enterprise in Vietnam to use a system of equipment and technology meeting automation standards and a closed production process.

Hoa Sen plastic pipe has honorably achieved National Brands (as announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade), Top 15 Strong Brands, Vietnam Gold Star and High Quality Vietnamese Goods for many consecutive years. ‏

‏It can be seen that, due to investment and technological improvements, Hoa Sen plastic pipe products always ensure the quality of finished products, and are the trusted choice of most large and small projects and building.

Typical projects: Sala – Dai Quang Minh urban area, Dat Xanh project, Novaland project, Hung Thinh, Ho Chi Minh City water supply project and Western and Southeast provinces.

In the North, Hoa Sen plastic pipes have provided clean water to 10,000 households in Ha Nam, the clean water project in Vu Quang district – Ha Tinh, the water supply project in communes of Yen Dinh district – Thanh Hoa, and Cat Tuong Apartment Building project in Bac Ninh, helping to significantly improve people’s quality of life.‏

Up to now, Hoa Sen Plastic pipe factory has been present in all three regions of the North, Central and South. Thanks to this advantage, combined with a distribution system stretching from North to South, it has reduced transportation costs, increased product competitiveness, and fastest responded to customer needs in each region, thereby, Hoa Sen Group achieves significant successes not only in the Southern region but also in the Northern and Central markets.‏

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