Protect steel sheet rolls effectively with Hoa Sen multi-layer steel sheet roll packaging process

29 November, 2023 by

Hoa Sen Group’s products in general and Hoa Sen Steel Sheet brand products in particular always satisfy the most international stringent standards such as ASTM from the US, EN from Europe, JIS from Japan, etc.

The outstanding quality of Hoa Sen Steel Sheet has been affirmed with the fact that IT HAS LEADED MARKET SHARE OF PLATED STEEL SHEET in Vietnam continuously for 14 years (According to statistics of the Vietnam Steel Association). To supply the most perfect steel sheet rolls to customers, Hoa Sen Group has applied a strict packaging process, protecting the steel sheet rolls as much as possible during transportation and storage with many layers of protection:

  • VCI anti-rust paper packaging
  • High-quality plastic covering
  • Foam rubber layer
  • Outer shelling
  • VCI layer and core covering PE film
  • Moon pads, inner braces, outer braces, core shells
  • Sturdy belt system and belt lining

In particular, FOAM RUBBER layer wrapping steel sheet rolls reduces effectively shock during transportation, minimizing errors caused by impact and friction. Furthermore, FOAM RUBBER layer also has heat-insulating and waterproof properties, helping to protect the steel sheet roll safely from external influences.

With a strictly controlled packaging process, Hoa Sen steel sheet always maintains high quality and aesthetics, providing customers with standard steel sheet rolls.

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