Sustainable fire protection solution with Hoa Sen Hot-dip Galvanized Pipes

29 November, 2023 by

According to data from the Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department (Fire Prevention & Rescue), the large and small fires have continuously occurred recently in the country, causing particularly serious consequences on people and assets. According to statistics in the first 6 months of 2023, there were 881 fires nationwide, killing 45 people and injuring 43 people. Regarding assets, the preliminary estimate is about 87.15 billion VND.

In the risk of loss of safety in fire prevention and fighting of many projects such as residential houses, houses combined with business and at production facilities, warehouses, etc. Accordingly, the warranty and maintenance of many projects are not available when they have operated for a period of time, or the use of fire protection pipes is not guaranteed; as a result, when a fire is reported, the fire water pipes encounter a high pressure water flow and are broken; not only that, many hydrants do not have water to supply in case of a fire.

This can be seen that fire protection water pipes play an important role in carrying water from the source tank and transferring it to fire pipes when a fire occurs. Therefore, fire protection water supply pipes must be able to withstand high pressure, be stable and meet standards to provide enough water and water power for the fire extinguishing process. Therefore, using quality pipes for fire protection systems is an urgent issue.

In the market today, Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipe is one of the products which is chosen and trusted in almost all large and small fire protection projects. With much higher durability and bearing capacity compared to normal zinc pipes. The plating thickness is 8 times higher, the plating surface is uniform, comprehensively protects the product with good resistance, even in harsh environmental conditions.

Mr. Le Van Thuong – Director of V.E.D.A Investment Joint Stock Company shared that: “Our company has been using Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes since 2018. Our construction projects are mainly for fire protection systems. In the market, Hoa Sen Group has a competitive advantage over other competitors, due to after-sales and policy reasons. Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipe products satisfy the quality requirements of the project, ensuring current fire protection standards with a variety of product specifications and designs.”

Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipes meet international standards such as BS 1387:1985, BS EN 10255:2004, ASTM A53/A53M-12, AS 1074 – 1989, ASTM A795/A795M-21,… Thanks to diverse products with many specifications, it is very convenient in construction and installation, meeting all customer needs. With outstanding quality, Hoa Sen hot-dip galvanized pipe products are a trusted choice in many countries around the world, including: America, Singapore, Australia and Southeast Asian countries.

With the investment in the Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe Factory in Phu My Industrial Park, and GIMECO’s modern production line system, Hoa Sen Group has become one of the technology leaders in the hot dip galvanized steel industry; ensuring the supply of products to the market with outstanding advantages, satisfying most customer needs.

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