Ukraine's Sukha Balka produces 931,000 mt of iron ore at restarted Frunze mine in 2023

16 January, 2024 by

Ukraine's Sukha Balka, a key player in the country's iron ore mining sector and a part of the DCH Group, has proudly declared a significant achievement with the production of 931,000 metric tons of commercial iron ore at its Frunze mine in the Dnipropetrovsk region in 2023. Despite facing numerous challenges, including an energy crisis, water scarcity, and a shortage of qualified personnel, the mine has successfully sustained its operations.

Vitaliy Bash, the CEO of DCH Steel, revealed that throughout 2023, the Frunze mine operated with a focus on maximum resource conservation. The company prioritized the repair of equipment across its sites and continued the implementation of its equipment modernization program, showcasing a commitment to operational efficiency and sustainability.

The journey to this achievement was not without hurdles. In October of the previous year, Sukha Balka faced a significant setback when the Frunze mine was forced to suspend production for almost a year. This suspension resulted from the Russian shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure, a challenging situation that impacted the entire mining and processing complex.

The successful restart of production at the Frunze mine marks a resilient comeback for Sukha Balka, demonstrating the company's determination to overcome adversities and contribute to Ukraine's vital iron ore industry. As the mine continues its operations, it stands as a testament to the industry's adaptability and commitment to resource sustainability, even in the face of external challenges. The achievement not only underscores the importance of Sukha Balka in the region's economic landscape but also highlights the ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency and modernize equipment for a sustainable future.

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